When the leaves change colour, the mornings turn cooler and the afternoons are sunny, it‘s time for a wardrobe change, which usually starts with your shoes. This year‘s fashion autumn also has stacks of new things, all of them resplendent in their Sunday best! Nature‘s exuberant bouquet of colours is reflected once again in our collection: From khaki and red, to brown, black and blue, the magnificent array of autumnal colours are all represented.

The untamed heart of nature is equally on show in the models.

Besides profiled soles, rustic block heels and fluffy fur collars, this season‘s collection catches the eye again with its cosy, soft lining and high-tech features that guarantee leisurely strolls, evening outings to the city and comfy hours in the office.

Click through our collection and take a good look at the comfortable detailing in our models. Icons below the shoe tell you which of our many technologies make this model even more comfortable for you.